Comprehensive Services

The following specialties incorporate Steve’s written materials along with his experience:

Books, Articles

  • Turnkey book and publishing projects for specialized co-authors
  • Book project presentation, author-marketing to literary agents and their publishers
  • eBooks
  • Book proposal packaging strategies for specific markets, publishers
  • Composition, editing of client leveraged, by-lined newspaper/magazine article
  • Blog writing
  • Ghostwriting

Media Relations

  • Crisis communications strategic consulting, timing, materials packaging
  • Comprehensive media campaign planning, packaging and implementation
  • Management of peripheral materials including photography
  • Spot Representation for specific newsworthy developments and events

Coaching: Media, Publishing

  • Individual coaching related to publishing and journalism
  • In-house staff coaching for media writing
  • Media Relations Campaign training – in-house or remote, program-based
  • Media Communications Consulting – ongoing, campaign related
  • Journalism-Publishing Consulting per industry standards and protocols

All of the above come from Steve’s depth of experience in publishing, journalism, media relations and related marketing applications, which make a difference when writing books and articles, pitching client concepts to media outlets, promoting resort developments, and successfully communicating important elements of products and political agendas.